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Primary School

The Primary school is composed of Grades 1-5 with children aged 7-10 years. This is a stage where maximum acquisition of learning happens. To tap the energy and readiness of children to learn new skills and knowledge we have planned our methodology around an application-based learning approach. Students will be involved in investigations and experiments over passive learning to enhance interest and engagement.

Highlights of Primary School are increased emphasis on literacy skills through:

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Subjects Offered

Stem based learning has been added as an optional feature to give a platform to students to explore their interests and build the scientific temperament to investigate and research.

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Primary School


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Grade 1 - 5

Age: 7- 10 Years

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Instruction Time

4 Hours 10 Minutes

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5-6 years

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Based on Indian National Curriculum Framework 2020
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Textbooks & Workbooks delivered at home
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Small interactive class size 1:20 Students for personal attention
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4 Hours of Live Engaging Classes, Monday to Friday & alternate Saturday
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Academics Structure and support to parents for stress-free learning
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